What are your Christmas traditions? Perhaps, it’s travelling all around to be with family or flying home to be with your parents. Perhaps, it’s spending quiet time by a fire reading a good book.

You may enjoy being with dozens of people or spending some quiet time alone. You may not even celebrate Christmas, and this is just a nice couple days in which you don’t have to work. 

In my family, this is a special time of year. It’s a time to pause, take our dog Bree for a walk in the snow. We love to spend a little time with family and friends as we celebrate Christmas. It’s just such a peaceful time of year for us.

Rosie and I spent a few hours at church on Christmas Eve sharing our gift of music, then we were off to friends for a little Christmas cheer with them. It’s all just a part of our Christmas traditions.

It’s just a time of year full of traditions, which is what makes this time of year special for us.

This week’s thought:

Traditions are what make life and family special. They are the things we know and love in our life, and the things we look forward to. 

As you enjoy this time of year, start a new tradition with yourself to appreciate a gift better than anything you could find under the tree; you.

Merry Christmas.

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