Feedback is a powerful tool for seeing the impact you’re having as a leader.

Feedback is like looking in a mirror. You have the opportunity to fix something you don’t like when the image is detailed and clear.

However, you may not know you have a problem if the image you see isn’t detailed or clear.

Receiving the feedback that you’re a “great leader” might be good for the ego, but it’s not overly helpful. Likewise, receiving the feedback “poor communicator” isn’t that helpful either.

If you are receiving vague feedback, it might be the feedback you’re looking for.

Vague feedback might be a sign of low trust if people are concerned about your response. It could also be that they’re checked out and can’t be bothered.

The next time you receive vague feedback, don’t take it for granted. Look for the truth in the gift of even vague feedback.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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