A large call centre was struggling to provide adequate levels of customer service. There were many days they could not keep up with call volumes. Customer complaints were high and satisfaction at an all-time low.

Management set aggressive goals and brought in a consulting firm to fix the problems. The consultants implemented several new processes and standards for the call centre.

Time management was strictly enforced, including washroom breaks. The bar for customer satisfaction ratings was set high. Management measured everything that would give them an indication of how well the call centre was doing.

Despite all these measures, things did not improve in this call centre. Morale slipped lower, and numerous long-term employees quit.

Lead from their shoes

Leading change is hard. You’re supposed to get people to change without telling them how to do their job. This situation can leave leaders feeling very uncertain and vulnerable.

Start by understanding what it’s like for the people. What’s it like being on this team and doing this job? What’s it like for your customer who has to interact with your team? What does your team want from you?

When you start by walking in their shoes, the right path will become more evident.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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