On my birthday back in February, I was challenged by a friend to do something inspiring for the world. So, I finally started the podcast series titled “Let’s Go Fly a Kite.”  The podcast is something I’ve procrastinated on for more than a year, and now there are ten episodes!

For the past year, my podcast microphone sat on the shelf as I told myself all kinds of stories as to why it wasn’t the right time to start a podcast. There was always something I needed to figure out before I did it. There were some great stories that I’d tell myself about my voice, that it’s not radio-quality, so who would want to listen to.

Wondering what changed that set me in motion? Truthfully nothing changed, it’s simply a matter that I decided I didn’t want to be held back by my stories any longer. So I just went for it and started to record and publish.

The experience has been incredible for me! The guests I’ve talked with have provided me some heart warming experiences. I love being able to share their stories with the world. The funny thing is, almost everyone starts the recording by telling me how they don’t have an exciting life, and they won’t have anything to share. Then when we record, it’s an amazing experience with beautiful stories about life. 

So what I am I learning? I’m learning once again how my stories keep me from doing something beautiful in the world. I continue to learn just how wrong the stories I tell myself are. And I’m reminded of how much is possible when I put aside my stories and set myself in motion

Thought of the week

What is it you want, and you’ve been putting off for a long time? The thing you never seem to get started because it’s just not the right time.

What has you procrastinating? Are you waiting for something to be right? Are you waiting to have it all figured out? Are you telling yourself a story about how you’re not good enough?

Try this: What’s a small and safe step you can take to move you in a direction you want to go? Setting yourself in motion in spite of your stories is called stepping towards your fears. For me, it was recording and putting an episode of the podcast to a limited and safe audience. 

The cool part is when you step towards your fear, you will find something beautiful waiting on the other side … a bigger and better version of you!

Give it a try as you might just learn something. My bet is you will suddenly find yourself accelerating, and have that thing you’ve wanted for a long time.

Just go for it!

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