Do you ever wonder why some things happen to you? Some good, some bad? Well, I had an experience last week while flying across the continent on Air Canada which made me appreciate how we create our own reality. 

I was flying with my friend Joanne Stone traveling to a coaching retreat. We were joking around and having a good time, and even exploring some pretty big and deep topics about human nature, responsibility and much more.

One of the flight attendants, who was looking after us started to join in with us on the fun. In fact, I would say she was becoming a part of the trouble Joanne was creating (because I was certainly innocent in all of this).

A little while later as we were sitting chatting, and joking with each other when the flight attendants came through with a final service of drinks. Both of us ordered coffee, to which Joanne joked I should be ashamed of just copying her order again. 

As we said this, the flight attendant slipped us each a free half glass of wine while saying “here drink this and it’ll numb that shame.”  Seriously? Who gets a free glass of wine in economy class of intercontinental air travel these days!

This week’s thought:

I am a believer we create our own reality. By having fun and making the flight attendant’s day more enjoyable, she joined in the fun. Sure it was nice to get a free glass of wine, but that’s not really the point.

If you find everywhere you go, you seem to be surrounded by unhappy miserable people or you go through your day feeling ho-hum, perhaps the first place to look for a solution is within. Ask yourself how you are being today that just might be creating your reality.

Everywhere you go in the coming week, I invite you to approach every person and situation openly, cheerfully and with a smile on your face. Yes, even the things you are not really looking forward to. Have fun everywhere you go.

Then just notice what might be different as a result. I know not everyone will respond in the way our flight attendant did. However, what if it makes your day a little brighter and more enjoyable.

Better yet, what if you help someone else’s day go a little better?

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