I’m missing some of the things I used to spend time complaining about. For example, I used to complain about the days I had to spend hours commuting. Some days the trip to downtown Toronto was such a burden as it would take 2-3 hours each way.

When I catch myself saying, “I have to…”, I switch to, “I get to …”. The shift in one word means I’m declaring I want to do it. In the case of commuting to Toronto, it’s because I love the work I get to do while there.

It’s easier to see the truth of my choices when I take responsibility for what I have in my life. Besides, the travel gives me time to think, listen to audiobooks, or let my mind wander while listening to some music.

The next time you catch yourself complaining, start by asking yourself, “What am I getting to do?”

You’ve got this.

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