A manager is assigned to lead an existing group. Within days of arriving, the new manager started to change how the team was operating. This disruption caused the team to miss their goals. The new manager quickly blamed his predecessor for the “mess their predecessor left things in.’

Being quick to change things is a mistake I’ve seen numerous leaders make. Often, their actions are justified based on wanting to improve what’s happening. However, it’s often rooted in a belief that they need to prove their worth as the leader quickly.

When you’re the new guy on the block, the worst thing you can do is to start changing things immediately. You’re the unknown, and you honestly don’t understand what’s going on yet.

Start by spending time communicating. Talk and listen to people to find out what’s going on. Through this, you’ll start to understand what’s actually happening. Then, you can begin talking with the team about what might help.

Just don’t worry about proving yourself. You will.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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