Commitment is by definition “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.”

I committed to the love of my life 11,164 days ago. It has been 53 days since I committed to posting every weekday. I set intentions and make commitments every day of my life. You do too.

A couple of weeks ago, I published a post on commitment. The post garnered a few comments on how some corporate managers have abused the word commitment.

I’ve seen some corporate managers weaponize a commitment. It happens if a team fails to deliver on their commitment. Weaponizing commitments is a good way to destroy trust and lose good people.

Leaders build commitment

You cannot force or threaten someone into committing. The person may accept your direction out of obligation. Being fully committed to something is an internal process, which never happens from a mindset of obligation.

Building true commitment will take more effort than just telling them what to do. However, I can assure you the investment of your leadership time will save far more than it costs. The outcomes will be better too.

Who do you think will be more dedicated to a cause or activity:

  • Someone who is doing something because they have to?
  • Someone who is doing something because they believe in and are committed to it?

You’ve got this.

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Building Great Teams

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