When you drive a car do you feel safe? I assume if you drive there must feel some level of safety. Otherwise, with the craziness on the roads, you would become paralyzed by fear.

Every year there are thousands of traffic accidents. People around you do some crazy things while driving. Worse yet, people around you choose to put themselves and you at risk with actions like texting and driving.

How can you feel safe driving given the evidence of how dangerous the roads are?

Feeling safe while driving your car happens with experience and skill. The safety devices in the car give us an added feeling of safety. The framework, airbags, warnings, and other devices which are design to keep us safe.

Safety through your leadership

At work, there are many reasons people do not feel safe. Taking a hit for something that failed. Performance systems which reward the wrong behaviours. Changes in the company. A downsizing or whatever they call it these days. The list is extensive.

As a leader, you need to provide a safe environment. Without safety, people will not get out of their comfort zone.

How safe are you making it for them to stretch and take a chance? Look to how visible their failures are. Do they hide, deny or deflect? Or, do they hold them out and talk about what they’ve learned.

Where do you, as their leader, fit in the list? Threat or safety?

If you notice your team is not feeling safe, start by looking at how safe you feel. Correct your feeling of safety, and you’ll be able to give others the same level of safety you enjoy.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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