Do you have moments of hesitation? Do you procrastinate waiting for a better time? Procrastination is a sign you are at the edge of your comfort zone.

Then, when you push through the discomfort, you realize you were worried about nothing. This thing you have been putting off is easier than you were telling yourself.

Change requires learning and trying new things. Learning requires getting out of your comfort zone. When the behaviours of being out of their comfort zone emerge, we often label them as resistors.

What might be different if you look at their behaviours as something trying to happen? This gives you the opportunity to help them move through their discomfort to find a bigger version of themselves.

Try saying something like this to them: “I know this is challenging. I find it hard to master this stuff too.” Then, support them to keep it is safe to move through the discomfort they are feeling.

Once they push through their resistance they might find out how easy it is.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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