When teams look at a problem, there can often be a tendency to focus on why something isn’t working. Focusing on why something is not working can anchor a team’s mindset in the belief they are stuck. It might start to feel like they cannot succeed and should give up.

It is human nature to get stuck in a perspective. We subconsciously base our perspectives on the stories we’re telling ourselves. In this case, it might create a belief the problem is too big to resolve.

Looking at a problem from the perspective of “we’re stuck” will only keep the team stuck.

Using your leadership to get them unstuck

Leaders create the conditions for others to succeed. In this case, it is helping them see their problem from a different perspective.

You might ask the team a question like, “What would need to be different to allow us to succeed?”

You want to shift the team’s perspective to one of possibility and creativity. Through this, your team will find a way through to success.

You’ve got this!

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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