Recently, we watched “A Christmas Story”. It’s the story of a young boy, Ralphie, trying to convince his parents the “Red Ryder BB Gun” is a perfect gift for Christmas.

In one scene, Dad is in the basement fighting to get the furnace going. Let’s just says Dad’s language was a little colourful.

In another scene, Ralphie was helping his dad change a flat tire when Ralphie drops the nuts into the snow. As the nuts are flying through the air, in slow motion Ralphie says, “fuuuudddgggeee!”

Well, except he didn’t say “fudge.”

Kids are a product of their environment. The good, bad, and the swearing.

The same is true for the people you lead. The teams and people will be a product of the culture created by the leadership team.

So, what do you want your teams to model?

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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