I don’t spend a lot of time paying attention to the news, but it’s hard to escape it these days. There are some pretty wacky, and at times scary things showing up in my social media feeds daily. The things I’m talking about centre on issues like Trump, racism, hate, climate change, the threat of nuclear war and so much more.

A couple of days ago I noticed how much the mindsets of the people, including myself, complicate each of these issues. It’s not possible to stop the mindsets from happening, but when there is no awareness of them, they seem to spin out of control.

I am a white male and live a pretty good life. We make a pretty decent living; I am healthy, we have a good home, two vehicles, an RV trailer, and enjoy travelling at times. 

I do not know what it means to be discriminated against or to have to choose between paying rent and buying food. I can walk around my neighbourhood at night without watching over my shoulder, and there are frequently days where we leave the front door unlocked as we’re doing stuff around the house. 

When Trump opens his mouth, I can only shake my head wondering why anyone thought he should be President. The white supremacy movement makes me sick to my stomach. I am fearful for the future of our planet, thanks to the nuclear threats centred on North Korea. 

The truth is I have been avoiding these unpleasant topics in my writing. Call it what you will; denial, avoidance, or simply not wanting to upset or get into a debate with another.

I am wondering, though, by avoiding these topics in my writing, am I living a life of white privilege? I am not racist, sexist, or hatred of others based on what or who they are. However, by not writing about them could that mean I see myself as better than another? I cannot control the mindset of others, but I can choose my own. 
So I will not avoid these topics any longer. It’s time to speak openly about my experience of living in this mess we humans have created.

Thought for the week

Put your hand on your chest. Seriously … do it. Do you feel that? That thing beating in your chest is the only measure that matters in life. When you strip away all of our wealth, possessions, power, skin colour, beliefs, and all the other man-made constructs; a beating heart is the one thing which binds all of us together as equals on this planet. 

As a species, we’re going blind, as if that is somehow easier than seeing what’s true. However, it’s a dangerous path our blindness has us following.

It’s time to open our eyes and hearts to see each other for what we are all equally: human. 

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