It’s International Woman’s Day. In honour of woman everywhere I wanted to share my thought on the topic of diversity. I love that such a movement exists to keep such an important topic alive.

As I was writing this post, a friend sent this to me saying “In 1927 you weren’t all that cool you Canadians” (referring to the following graphic)

Emily Murphy.jpeg

Truly, 1927 was the start of the end for ‘women not being counted as persons.’ That aside: She’s right! How uncool to declare anyone as “not a person.” For me, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about gender, race, religion or any other way we categorize people. It is simply uncool to discriminate.

It’s a problem I cannot relate to as I have not been discriminated against.

What would it take to not need to worry about diversity?

I love all the various movements which are taking a stand for equality. Today, International Woman’s day is a fine example of such a movement. The only way this problem will be changed is by having your voice heard.

I cannot help but wonder, what would it take to not need to worry about diversity because it’s no longer a problem. Until we figure that out, let’s keep talking about diversity. This is important!

Happy International Woman’s Day!

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