When was the last time you wanted to do something that caused you to stress? You might have spent days, or even weeks, stressing, planning and anticipating the worst.

Then, when the day finally came, it seemed almost too easy. The event came and went, and all that worry was for nothing.

Creating stories and trouble for ourselves is just a part of being human. You are wired to stress yourself with stories you make up. The choice you get to make is whether you’re going to let your stories run your life.

Lead them through their stories

Just like you, those you lead are masters at telling themselves stories too. The stories they tell themselves are holding them back and keeping them from growing. Their stories might even prevent them from trusting you.

There are many stances leaders can employ to help people move through their stories.

  • Coaching – to help them see their story and be at choice about what they’re going to do
  • Mentoring – to help them see things from different perspectives
  • Facilitating – to create a safe container for them to do it

Regardless of what stance you take, don’t lose sight of the fact it’s only a story. Their stories do not need to be reality. Your’s either.

You’ve got this.

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