Somewhere between 300-1000 years ago, someone paddled out on Mazinaw Lake and left this drawing on the cliffs (in what is now Bon Echo Provincial Park).

Rosie and I saw these Petroglyphs when we visited Bon Echo Park earlier in June. It is incredible to think we were paddling, where up to 1,000 years ago people paddled and left this and many other drawings. 

I’m wondering as I write this post; what’s the story of the person who drew this? How difficult was life back for them? It’s not like they could just go to the local grocery store when they got hungry. Did they live a life of purpose, or did they merely survive?

There are so many questions that come to mind, yet what I want to do is flip it around. If one of the people from back then were to show up today, what’s my story I would want to tell them of my life? Is my life one of being in pursuit of more and more stuff, or is it a story of living a purposeful life and having an impact? 

Not that long ago, my story would have been about building a career and acquiring wealth. My life was full of rushing from here to there looking for more of whatever it is I was pursuing. I had stuff, but I didn’t own any of it. My stuff owned me as no matter what I had I was never fully satisfied.

Now, however, although I’m as busy as ever, my story is not about what I’m doing or the stuff I own. It’s now about the impact I’m having in the world around me. It’s about living a life where day by day I am making a difference in the world, even if today it’s only a small one. Honestly, it’s a story I’d now be proud to tell one of the people who lived so long ago.

Thought of the week

What’s the story you would tell about how you are living your life? Now be honest; what’s the story you would want to tell those people about how your life? Is there a difference between those two stories? 

We, humans, are masters at telling ourselves why we can’t have the life we want. However, truthfully having what you want is about the choices you are making in life. What if you could live your life for just one day exactly in the way you want it? How about for a week, or a month or the next year? What about the rest of your life? 

Here’s the good news: You can!  Life is about choice, and if you choose to live your life on your terms, you will start to have the life you want. You won’t always get it right, but if you choose to live your life in your way, increasingly, those speed bumps in life become less noticeable.

It’s time to write your story, what will it say?

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