For the past two years now, I’ve been sharing my story in a fairly vulnerable way. When I am in the process of writing, I am actually only thinking about one person … me. For me, writing is a way to clear my thoughts, to understand myself a little bit better, and to capture a piece of my life.

Around two years ago I discovered something really cool in my writing. There was no way I could have anticipated where it would take me, but I knew then I was onto something special. It all started with a post titled “Being vulnerable about vulnerability

Until that point, I saw vulnerability as a weakness. What I know now is how being vulnerable is actually a superpower. 

When I share something about myself in a vulnerable way I am finding it often inspires and gives strength to others. That part of my experience is really cool! However, where the real superpower comes in is what happens for me.

When I hold on to a secret I put a lot of energy and brain power into holding it. Often I’ve done this in the name of protecting myself or so I thought. When I share my story with the world it’s as if suddenly a burden I’ve been carrying is gone. When I find myself free of a burden I become free to focus on what’s important.


This week’s thought:

I love when people share their story with the world. We all have one, and they are all beautiful. When you share your story openly you never know what impact it will have.

Your story might inspire someone to take action or help them see they’re not alone in something. Your story might just give them a smile. Even more important is that telling your story might just give you some freedom to live more fully!

This is why together with my co-host Sara Bianchi, we’ve created the podcast Let’s Go Fly a Kite. It’s about people who are living life freely, boldly and at choice. Our guests are people just like you and me who are succeeding, struggling, overcoming and just plain living.

The podcast will give voice to people’s stories, and after recording four episodes I can tell you there are so many incredible stories out there! Don’t hide your story, give voice to it.


Let’s Go Fly a Kite! Want a sneak preview? Check out our introductory episode right here:
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