Leadership is your ability to respond to what happens around you. When things are going good, responding is easier. What happens, though, when you continually find yourself responding to problems?

Sometimes, I find myself going from problem to problem. How is a leader supposed to stay positive and motivated when this happens?

Here is a thought: It is possible, you are not responding to the most important problem. Being exhausted by problems might be the problem.

Are you trying to do it all, rather than asking for help? Are you working extensive hours, rather than looking after yourself? Are you working through breaks and lunch, rather than nourishing your body?

When leaders look after themselves first, they truly are more able to move from problem to problem without losing enthusiasm. And, when you do find that moment where you have lost your enthusiasm; no worries. First, breath and then solve that problem!

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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