When does a group of people become a team? Assigning people to work together does not make them a team.

People are going to start bumping into each other when they start working together. This is a crucial time for groups who want to be teams.

A sign of a group learning to be a team is when things start getting uncomfortable. The group might hotly debate issues. The group might even get upset or angry with each other.

Your leadership is needed most when people first start working together. Leadership is the courage to stay with the discomfort and help them find ways to move forward. When you do this, the team will grow and come closer together.

Building a great team takes time, and might feel discouraging at times. However, with time and commitment, a group will find ways to become a great team.

Groups of people become great teams with of great leadership. Your great leadership. Sound great?

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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