I once received the feedback, “I have no clue what you do, but keep doing it as your leadership is making the team wildly successful.”

One of the drawbacks to leading is you may not get credit for the team’s success. Given this reality, it can leave a leader discouraged and seeking validation.

When leaders go after the credit, they change how the team sees them. For example, the team’s mindset might shift from shared ownership to obligation. Why bother taking ownership when you will not get credit?

Leaders who do not go after the credit, send a message that we’re in this together. When we’re in this together, we share in the ownership of producing excellent outcomes. We also share in any credit which comes our way, regardless of where it lands.

I prefer to look for credit by watching people grow, going places and doing things they did not think possible. When the team is wildly successful, it’s true people may not know what you do. However, they will see the impact of you creating the conditions for success.

Way to go!

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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