Psychological safety is an important topic receiving plenty of airtime lately. For a good reason, too, as there’s still plenty of work to do in making the workplace more humane and safe.

I do think, though, there’s a danger of swinging the Psychological safety pendulum too far. If companies end up owning 100% of the responsibility for making things safe, I’m not sure it’ll ever feel safe enough. Don’t get me wrong as I think many companies have a lot of work to do to increase safety. However, if the people relinquish their responsibility for their safety, I don’t think it will ever feel safe enough.

Taking responsibility for your safety means owning your power to choose. To accept or not accept the conditions which contribute to your safety. To accept the invitation to take risks knowing no-one can harm you unless you let them.

Psychological safety is a complex topic. Just don’t give away your part of it.

You’ve got this.

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