A few weeks back, I attended a trip to Cleveland, OH with the Ceremonial Band of the Waterloo Regional Police. While there we attended and performed in the Greater Cleveland Peace Officer Memorial and Tattoo. If you don’t know, a Tattoo is a marching floor show, in which bands come together to put on a show.

Our band brought together a combination of fun and the Ceremonial side to show our full range. You can see our show in this video if you’re interested. 

I remember as we were lined up waiting for our turn to go on the floor in Cleveland, I had some butterflies in my stomach. You would think after 30+ years of performing with this band that wouldn’t happen, right?

When you get nervous, it’s a good sign. When we feel nervous, I see it as a sign you’re facing a fear. Facing fears is what you need for growth in life. In other words, it’s a sign you’re about to expand your comfort zone. In the case of performing, it means you’re ready to bring together all that rehearsal time and do something bigger and better than you’ve ever done before. 

In the case of Cleveland, the show went great! It wasn’t perfect, and I can see the little mistakes I made along the way. However, I strongly believe because of stretching ourselves with this show, the band has expanded its range, and we’re ready to take on even more. I’m excited for where we go from here!

Thought of the week

When you start to feel nervous about something you’re about to do, it’s natural to want to go back to something that will make you feel less nervous. To not take on such an ambitious show. To not have that tough conversation with your boss. To not ask him out on a date. 

However, what I know with certainty is by retreating to a comfortable place, you will not have what you want in life, and you will not grow yourself. 

I believe to live life fully; you have to be in a continual state of growth. The only way I know how to grow is to confront your fears and step through them. Waiting on the other side is a bigger and better version of you, which opens possibilities you can’t imagine today.

So the next time you’re feeling nervous about something, rather than retreating, tell yourself “Something great is about to happen!” Then do it. Step towards your fears, and go after that thing you want most in life. 

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