DSCN2442Over the past year I have done more writing than I could have ever imagined. To be honest I failed English courses twice during high school. I really wasn’t a fan of the way in which our educational system seems to believe we need to learn the english language. The english language is confusing enough without inserting Shakespeare into the mix! Although I don’t blame William … after all he wasn’t there.

Recently I looked back at some of my very first posts I wrote around 4 years ago. It’s crazy how much my writing has changed. My writing back then feels kind of constrained and without soul. I know the big difference is in who I’m writing for. Back then I wrote to impress my reader. So I would toil over a post for a very long time in an attempt to not look stupid. I find those posts were infrequent and fairly shallow … but it was a start!

Now I write for myself. I find it to be a form of meditation and a way of being present with myself. As a result what shows up comes from my heart. It’s much easier to write this way as it requires so much less thought and editing on my part. My grammar or sentence structure may not always be the best but that’s why I will hire an editor when it comes to the book I’m writing.

Recently I’ve noticed a number of articles out there criticizing writers who write inspiring posts. Essentially they’re accusing writers of trying to portray an image of having a perfect life. A life without messiness or problems, a life where everything is full of sunshine and lollypops.

These critical writers are entitled to their own perspective of course. However I will not apologize for writing a post about sunshine and lollypops.

A story of dissonance and resonance

A couple years ago my life was full of dissonance and scarcity. I wasn’t happy with what was happening in my career and I felt stuck in trying to move forward. It’s bizarre as despite these feelings I was also successful. In other words, there wasn’t a shortage of work. I had presence in the community as I was speaking on a regular basis at conferences and the likes. So why on earth would I be unhappy right?

There were a couple things happening for me in that time. First, I had a terrible case of imposter syndrome. That is to say despite being successful I didn’t believe I deserved it. I believe this was tied to the next problem which is that I was focused on stuff I didn’t care about.

Fast forward to today. I am really clear on what inspires me and what I’m passionate about. I’m clear on where I’m heading in life and the differences I want to make. I know lots of coaches who say “I’m going to change the world one conversation at a time”. For me I don’t believe in my life time I can change the world, but I’m here to say that I’m going to put one hell of a dent in it!

In this belief I have focus. Having focus means I follow my passions as I am viewing the world through a very different lens these days. I work hard not to let my saboteurs rule me. I work hard to focus on what’s  possible rather than what’s holding me back. I love nothing more than being present as my coaching clients step into something bigger.

Do I still  have my own messiness … damn right I do! I still have fears. I still have saboteurs. I still wonder if I can make enough money next year. However I also know when I follow my heart and do what I’m passionate about those things will somehow work out. I can’t just sit back as I still need to think like an entrepreneur. It’s my belief they will work out as I’m putting a better, stronger, smarter Mike forward when I step into my own passions.

My perspective

So if you’re one of those who read this far and are thinking “oh great another fluffy woo-woo story” I respect your perspective. However, please be aware I also have my perspective and I will continue to write about sunshine and lollypops. I will also continue to write about some of my messiness, but this messiness is not where I want my readers taking their inspiration from. It provides a back story and is not the point.

Life is what you make of it …

In the past couple years one of the biggest lessons I have come to learn is that Life is what you make of it. Society, our parents, our peers, the company we work for and so many other factors lead us to build limiting beliefs. I’m somewhat of an expert in having strong limiting beliefs as I let them rule me for a very long time.

I’ve worked very hard over the past year to get to where I am today. I will not allow the things I’ve become so passionate about to be trivialized by others. I will not give up the freedom I now enjoy. In other words, I will not retreat to something I was and no longer be me just to satisfy someone else. I choose to make something of my life!

What are you making of your life?



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