We spent this weekend with friends at their cottage in Sauble Beach. There wasn’t a master plan for the weekend, only a desire to get away for a couple days and just relax.

The cottage is on the Bruce Peninsula, which is a beautiful part of Ontario a couple hours north of our home. Aside from the beauty of nature on the Peninsula, what makes it so beautiful for me is how quiet it is. It’s a place to go spend time away from the busyness of the world we live in.

On Saturday, the four of us went for a drive. No real destination, just a desire to spend the day together and see what we come across. You could say we just wandered. 

This hardly the first time we have just gone wandering as it’s a regular part of our travels. Wandering is one of our favourite ways to travel, and we’ve found some pretty cool things while wandering. 

Wandering is some time away from the busyness of life, the need to always be somewhere, doing something or reaching for our goals. It’s a time to find yourself and to just be you. 

This week’s thought:

We all seem so busy trying to get somewhere. You can see it in workplaces where they are busy doing stuff try to meet this year’s goals. You can also see it on the roads where people are rushing to get somewhere, and in homes where people are busy rushing off to their evening activities. 

I wonder what might be possible if you would take a little time each week and just wander. Just go with the flow and see where things go. Would we have more creativity? Less stress? More love?  All of the above?

The only way you’re going to know for sure is to just wander and see what you find.

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