In reflecting on 2017, I consider it my most successful year since I became an entrepreneur in 2011. I made several big decisions around rebranding the business and creating brand focus. I have two new business partners who help enable the work I love doing. I’ve also had many great engagements and have an abundance of work in front of me. 

Despite this success, I am also troubled by the trends I allowed to emerge, and yes these trends are about the choices I made. The trends I’m noticing include; longer working days, juggling too many priorities, not enough exercise & meditation, and an ever-growing to-do list. The trends also include not preserving enough time for writing, which is very important to me for many reasons.

I know these concerns may not sound like much of a problem, as the point of being in business is to keep busy and make money, right? While it’s true I want to make money; I don’t see much point in success if I sacrifice the things that will enable me to have a fulfilling life.

As a result, I am setting an intention starting immediately to change a long-standing behaviour of mine. I will say “No” more often rather than sacrificing my priorities as much as I have been. For example, I will not sacrifice the time I need to exercise and meditate every day. I will also be putting aside time to just be with family and friends or to do more writing. I also want to set aside more time for a quiet walk in the woods as I get a lot of clarity when I do this.

It’s a little scary to put these thoughts out there. When I re-read the words around saying “No” more often, there are several fears the bubble to the surface for me. However, I also know in making these choices, I will be able to find a better balance, and that will make 2018 the best year yet!

Thought of the week

What are the things you want to say “No” to for the sake of living a more fulfilling life? There are no rules around this, and only you can know your right answer to this question.

Do you need to make space in your calendar by saying “No” to something? Do you need to reserve time to look after you every day? Do you need to ignore your phone for an hour every day?

In a world that seems to be moving faster, it can seem difficult to say “No” or “Not now” to some things. However, what’s the cost of saying “Yes”?

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