Have you noticed how the news outlets tend to report on the problems more than the good things?

For example, every day, I see an article about someone refusing to wear a mask and causing problems.

From what I’ve observed, 99.xx% of people are wearing masks in my community. How many articles have you seen that talk about people doing the right thing?

It’s human nature to focus on problems, and let’s face it, the negative stuff is what sells the news.

Spend time every day to celebrate all the times you’re winning! I bet you’ll find you’re winning all day, every day.

Definition of winning: You intended to do something, and you did! Oh, and size doesn’t matter.

Better yet, start your team meetings with a round-table having everyone sharing a win. It’ll shift their perspective on just how good they’re doing.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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