You are leading, and they’re not following. You see the potential for greatness, and they seem content with the status quo. You’re excited by the possibilities, while they seem stuck.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up” — Thomas Edison

One of the greatest measures of your leadership will happen when the team is not following. Don’t give up on them. It’s time to look at things differently:

  • Take a different perspective – what are you not seeing? How can you look at it from a different direction?
  • Bring voice to what’s happening – spend the time with the team allowing them to express what’s actually happening
  • Be with them – get in the middle of it and observe
  • Ask a peer – get one of your peer leaders to observe and give an outsiders perspective

There are many ways you can open your eyes to a different perspective.

Just don’t give up.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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