Over the past few years I had an exercise routine. For example, I was out running 4-5 days per week. I felt great, I had lost a significant amount of weight, and my blood pressure was heading in a good direction.

Then around a year ago the routine fizzled.

For the past few months I’ve been trying to restart the morning run. What a huge struggle it has been to get something consistent happening. Yet, I really want to get back on track with exercise so I am pushing my way through it.

The problem is I lay in bed in the morning, and one of my first thoughts is “time to get up and go for a run.” Then some other more sinister part of my brain says “nah, you ran yesterday so you deserve to sleep longer this morning.” (Or some other lame excuse)

This morning it played out this way once again. It was in that moment my next thought was “Wow. I can come up with 1,000 excuses for why I shouldn’t go running and not one good reason.”

So, I got up and went running.

Although I’m only just getting back on track with exercise I already feel great. I know as I continue it’ll become easier, and more importantly I will feel more alive.

Thought of the week

What do you keep telling yourself you want and you never seem to get it? You might be like me and you want to be more active. It might be something in your working life. It might be finding love.

The next time you find yourself thinking about it, stop and listen to that voice in your head. What’s that voice telling you? Is it giving a solid reason for not having what you want? Or, is it just some excuse you’re making up?

The good news is making excuses doesn’t make you bad or weak, although, it does prove you are human. Being human also means you get to be at choice. Are you ready to choose what you want?

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