I was out running this morning enjoying a beautiful fall morning run. I was thinking about the number of great wins I’ve celebrated in the last few months and how fortunate I’ve been. I have renewed clarity regarding my career goals, I am feeling aligned with myself, I continue on my path for health & fitness, and so much more!

Only I can create, choose and attract my reality whether it’s for better or worse. Earlier this year when I was feeling a little lost in my career, the reality I created had caused me to lose an awareness of what I had created causing me to be stuck.  The question I was pondering while running is what did I change allowing me to get unstuck. Certainly the coaching help I went after helped in such a big way. What I also realized this morning is a major contributor to becoming unstuck can be summed up as: Community!

  • My peers with Leanintuit have helped me increase my confidence and abilities as a coach
  • My family & friends help me remain grounded with what is really important in life, and support me in my intentions

So what is it about communities that help us become better?

Being a part of communities you align with help you define and pursue intentions which will bring balance in your life. Communities can also help you become acutely aware of times you are not acting from a position of Responsibility or are living in a control cycle. Then when it comes time to confront the reality I have created, it is my communities which give me the courage and support to get myself back in alignment. Finally the most important part my communities are there to help celebrate my wins!

When I was walking around in a fog earlier this year I can see I wasn’t trusting myself enough to turn to the communities most important to me … I won’t be letting that happen again!

Do you know who your communities are?



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