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I would love to have you as my guest in an upcoming episode of my live videocast “Empowered, Until Further Notice.”

If you’re saying, “I’m in,” and don’t need any more details 

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What is the series about?

The program was born out of the idea that there’s a fundamental issue with trust in many corporate environments. These issues with trust cause a domino effect impacting employee engagement and retention, physiological safety, innovation, customers, communities and our planet.

The problem is in how difficult it is to build a solid foundation of trust. The result is a lot of ineffective and sometimes damaging actions taken for the sake of building trust.

What will we talk about?

I’d prefer to use a topic that has your interest right now. Perhaps you read an article this morning that got you excited or upset. Or, it might be an ongoing topic in your life.

Whatever it is will be fine.

Some examples of topics include: 

  • The rise and impact of bossware
  • The intersection of physiological safety and trauma in the workplace
  • Wick’d Agility
  • What happens to trust when a company is greenwashing 
  • The impact power on trust

Truly I’d happy with almost any topic you could propose.

Why am I doing a videocast and not a podcast?

Video is one of the most popular formats on social media today. It allows for a deeper connection with our audience, and perhaps some visuals to enhance the experience. Although, I do have a “No PowerPoint” policy wink

We’ll be live streaming to Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. I’ve been loving the live format as it’s real and raw, which I believe enhances our conversation. It also means we can interact with live viewers if they comment or ask questions. 

The resulting recording will continue to be available on the three platforms.


Are you ready to book your appearance?

Click this button and proceed directly to my booking page.

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