We’ve owned our canoe for nearly twenty years. We love day tripping with our canoe. We sometimes paddle around a single lake or portage to the next lake for a quick tour. Our adventures sometimes last a couple of hours and other times we’re on the water all day. To some this sounds like a lot of work. To me it’s a beautiful way to spend a summer day.

What I really love about canoes is that anyone can operate one. With no prior experience and a few words of direction you are in command of your vessel. You can glide quietly amongst the islands or find yourself next to a family of ducks. You can go fishing or simply get across the lake. 

We have more than 40 years on the water and are proficient canoeists. We have learned how to go long distances using the least amount of energy possible. On a nice day we can track in a straight line for great distance with little effort.

I use different strokes which essentially require a twist of the wrist. I do them without thinking most times. For example, I use the J-stroke a lot. To do a J-stroke I turn the blade of the paddle away from the canoe part way through my stroke. The J-stroke happens without much thought any more as I’m continually keeping us on track.

Canoeing can be hard work. The good news is after learning some basic paddling techniques it doesn’t have to be hard work. It is possible for canoeing to become a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a summer day you’re just enjoying.

Thought of the week

Life is like a long canoe ride. At times the waters are calm and smooth and it’s easy. Other times, storms blow in and every step along the way is a struggle. 

Have you ever accomplished something big with little effort? Did you claim it as a win or downplay it because it was just too easy?

Many times, I’ve caught myself downplaying an accomplishment because it was too easy. If it’s not hard then it isn’t worth it. 

Life is full of things which can be hard work. The good news is there is no rule saying it must be hard. 

Don’t downplay the accomplishment when things just seem to happen. Why not savour it and enjoy it when the paddling is easy. 

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