Change is limited without the whole organization involved

Leading for Change works with all levels of your organization to create change that works

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and effort into improving your organization. You’ve made progress, and many of your investments have paid off. However, the improvement seems to have plateaued.

Often, organizations that have done a good job of adopting Agile, Lean, or other methods become stalled and unable to get to the promised land of high performing teams. There can be many reasons for this, and often it’s the soft stuff such as trust, conflict, coaching, and mentoring that’s getting in the way.

Our programs work with your whole organization, to take things to the next level. We coach and mentor your leaders, strengthen relationships with your team, and teach practical and powerful skills that will take things to the next level and make it sustainable.

The best organizations behave as if everyone has a role in leadership.

 In these organizations, everyone:

  • Believes they share in the ownership of creating the outcomes you want
  • Looks for small ways to improve their work, every day
  • Sees vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness
  • Says what’s on their mind and listens intently to what others have to say

We can help.

Our programs will leave your people with the traits that will keep the improvements coming long after we’ve walked out of your front door.


Effective development programs aren’t generic.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all programs. Instead, our programs succeed because they:

  • Help improve your organization while giving your people the knowledge to make the change sustainable
  • Use practical approaches which are high touch, low tech, and relatable to everyone
  • Are adaptive and deliver what’s needed rather than what’s in a PowerPoint deck
  • Teach your teams how to design and own their change programs and start improving ‘just the way it is around here’

Getting started

Working with your organization happens in three steps:



Our works starts with a free consultation to explore what’s happening and how Leading for Change can help. During this conversation, we’ll dive deep into what you’re experiencing and what we think might be the highest priority to address.



We’ll start our engagement by talking to the people, exploring what’s happening, and identifying the best places and ways we can help. The insights we’ll gain will help us design an engagement that will address your most pressing problems in a way that will have the greatest impact on creating the outomes you want.



With our design in hand, we’ll start to pursue the goals you have established for the investment of working together. As with all our programs, we will adjust our program design based on what we’re learning together.v

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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