When I first started my business, I had the problem of trying to find enough work to make a go of it. Those were stressful years as I built my business, with many days and weeks of not generating revenue. I can honestly say I understand why so many businesses fail in the first two years. 

Now, seven years later I have so much happening I don’t have enough time to do everything I want. I am having to be selective in what I get involved with. There isn’t enough time in the week to do everything. For example, I start to get down about client work taking up time I want to be using for writing.

If you and I were having a conversation right now, this is about the time I would say something like “Yeah, I know, first world problem happening here.” I would then change the subject. 

Recently, I realized I have been uncomfortable talking about my success. It seems when talking about my success I would end up in a mindset of shame. The shame is for having made others uncomfortable because I’m succeeding.

The problem is I am only assuming they’re uncomfortable. I’m willing to bet in many cases I was the only person uncomfortable in the conversation.

The problem is my discomfort would result in me not giving myself credit for my accomplishments. This becomes very conflicting for me as I don’t believe I’m doing enough. I also start to question my own abilities to have an impact. Then my ego starts to defend me and that’s when I take actions that don’t really help this situation.

I am through with putting myself in the mindset of shame because I’m successful. I am successful and I’m proud of everything I have and am continuing to accomplish.

Thought of the week

A win is something you intended to do and you did it. It can be something small like getting out of bed when the alarm first rings. Or a win can be a big successful project you’ve been working on for months.

One pitfall to watch for is when sharing becomes bragging. Bragging is sharing with the intention of making ourselves appear better than another person. 

When sharing your accomplishments keep the focus on yourself. Don’t worry about how others might respond because that’s none of your business. 

I am owning my accomplishments and I hope you will do the same for yourself.

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