A couple of weeks ago, I said “F*** it” and walked away from my work for a few hours. I binge watched Madmen on Netflix in the middle of a working day. 

While I was watching Madmen, there were 28 things on my to-do list. Numerous emails came in and one person called and left a message. I ignored it all and just kept watching without feeling guilty.

I love my working life. However, on that day I hit a wall. I was mentally exhausted. I could have muscled my way through working all day, but I didn’t. Instead, I went downstairs, turned on the fireplace and just chilled in front of the TV.

I used to tell myself stories about how taking some downtime was wrong to do. I would have felt guilty about chilling and told myself how I really should be working. There were 1-2 times a year I’d call in sick as an employee. Those sick days were actually “F*** it” days. I just needed a down day. 

My working life is abundant and I love what I do. Some weeks are jam packed with customer work from Monday morning until Friday evening. Despite this abundance and my love for what I do it can be stressful and exhausting. So, on occasion when I hit a wall I choose not to fight it and just say “F*** it!” 

I might binge watch a show. Other times I go for a walk. We might even pack up the trailer and head north in the middle of the week. Whatever it is I can assure you there will be no feeling of guilt for having said “F*** it!” I want this downtime as it allows me to recharge my batteries. When my batteries are full I love life even more!

Thought of the week

It’s easy to believe you should be working more with a busy career. I know plenty of people who don’t take time off as ‘the work will keep piling up.’ It doesn’t help that in so many organizations the more you work the more work you seem to get.

The quality of your future is directly related to how you look after yourself today. In addition to exercise and eating right, you need to take the time to recharge your batteries. There are many ways to recharge your batteries. 

Whatever it is you do I just encourage you to sometimes say “F*** it” and just chill. 

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