Great teams don’t happen by accident

There’s a science to teamwork 

Are you investing in team-building and not seeing a return? 

With the thousands of workshops, books, and tools available to help build a great team, it can be hard to know what will work and what will not.

The science of teamwork tells us what is needed to make any group of people a great team.

We can help.

We build high-performance teams who:

Believe shared ownership is the key to their success

Don’t need to be held accountable (they do it themselves)

Trust each other and openly share and debate ideas

Move off unproductive mindsets quickly (and help each other do it)


Team building is not a one-time activity

We believe all great teams know how to reform themselves when something changes. A team will want to reform themselves when there’s a change in team membership, mandate, or other factors.

As we help form your team, we’ll also teach them how to keep doing it themselves. This will mean as change happens, the team minimizes the negative impacts by quickly adapting to the change.


Well formed teams we’ve worked with have realized benefits such as:

  • A belief that they share the ownership for what happens in and around their team
  • Increased creativity and less churn when confronting problems
  • Clarity of how to motivate themselves 
  • Increased morale and a stronger connection in the team
  • Owning the responsibility for continuing to improve themselves
  • Productivity gains resulting from how they’re working together


Team Trust Index

Trust is one of the defining characteristics of great teams. Without trust, people will withhold information and opinions which limits how much innovation is possible.

The Team Trust Index is designed to help you identify how much trust exists in your team. After ranking your team on 13 statements you will be emailed your results, along with some valuable information to help you to start increasing trust on your team.

Getting started

Working with your team happens in three steps:



A free consultation to explore your vision for the team and how leading for change can help.


Team Forming

An immersive experience that will align your team with what will make them great.



Helping the team stay on track until they hit their first breakthrough when their connection will become stronger.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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