Last week my F-150 had to be towed from the side of the highway and I was happy.

A lingering problem which was difficult to diagnose finally showed itself. The location was as convenient as possible given how close to home it happened (rather than way up north on vacation). And, warranty covered the tow and repair. So, no big deal in any way.

The dealership who repaired the truck found the shaft in the water pump broke and it dropped a belt. The water pump explains the symptoms the truck had been exhibiting for over a month.

The problems, though, started when the dealership chose to blame my regular mechanic for the failure. They were telling me the water pump broke because my mechanic put on the wrong sized belt.

Long story short, there are a lot of things which don’t add up for me. I’m left with the belief the water pump is the problem I’ve been hearing for more than a month. The pump finally broke because that’s what vehicle parts do; they break!

I am not a mechanic and I need to trust others to fix my vehicles. In doing so, I want to know I can trust the mechanic has my better interest in mind. I don’t expect a mechanic to be perfect, but I do expect them to be honest with me.

When you resort to laying blame for a problem that’s covered by warranty anyways, you leave me wondering if I can trust you when there is no warranty.

Thought of the week

Think about a time you were in a conversation with someone who spent the whole time blaming others for their problems. What did it feel like to be in conversation with them?  I often find myself wanting to escape such conversations because they’re very draining.

I don’t believe people get out of bed intending to blame the world for their problems. That said, it is a normal human response to lay blame when you have a problem. However, what is the unintended impact when you blame others for your problems?

If you notice yourself in a mindset of blame, acknowledge it, and ask yourself if you’re ready to choose something different.

Your mindset is a choice you make all day long. What are you choosing?

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