Creating a health relationship with your work

How’s your relationship with your work? Is it working for you any longer, or do you feel trapped in a job you hate?
Join my guest, Kristeen Barth, and me as we explore either shifting something in your current job or deciding to move on to something new.

The Art of Doing Nothing

In your busy life do you get enough rest? When you don’t get the rest your body needs, it can have an emotional, spiritual, and physical impact on your life.

Join my guest, Sara Bianchi, and me as we explore The Art of Doing Nothing.

Fear and living the life you want

Are you living the life you want? For many people, the answer is ‘no’ as their fears are keeping them from their dreams. And, until they’re ready and learn to overcome those fears they’re still going to be waiting to live the life they want.

Join my guest, Loree Draube, and me as we talk about living life with fear.

The healing Journey

Some of your life experiences have left you with trauma. This trauma can result from relationship issues, health challenges, experiencing a natural disaster, and much more. When this trauma is left unhealed, it will limit how you live your life.

Join me live with my guest, Judy Slater, who helps her clients through healing.

Must have skills to grow your leadership impact

Increasing your impact as a leader is challenging. The challenges include managing up, managing your team , influencing peers and growing your executive presence. What does it take to grow your leadership and advance your career.
Join my guest Manoj and me as we talk about what it takes to grow your leadership impact.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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