Goto YouTube and you can easily find videos of people doing something really stupid. Some guy trying incredibly dangerous skateboarding stunts. Other people trying to surf on the roof of a moving car. Last weeks a guy was videoed saying something totally inappropriate after a TFC game (I will not publish it here … go search for it if you’re curious). I heard it’s become an ongoing problem after the TFC games, and it’s a form of taunting for the ‘other team fans’. However, this time the guy directed his stupidity towards a female who happened to also be a CityNews Reporter.

Long story short … she called him out on it. Watch the video … she’s great! This video got published, and not only is the guy embarrassed he was fired from his job for it. I totally applaud the actions of the reporter, and his employer for not putting up with his crap.


I was listening to this story on a local AM radio talk show. There was of course a lot of debate about the inappropriateness of this guy’s actions. They also debated the appropriateness of having been fired and how that will impact him for a long time. All expected debate.

Here’s what caught my interest though. One guy phoned into the radio show to talk about how our world is becoming such a terrible place. His complaint was “You can’t go out and do anything without someone recording it. It’s to the point you need to turn your filter on before leaving the house”.

Lets translate this … what is being suggested by this guy is that when we’re going through life the right answer is to put a mask on. The mask is there to hide our true self as there’s something we don’t want the world to see.

Wearing a mask is the opposite of being your most complete, beautiful and true self. It may be a physical mask such as the people going out to protests might wear, or it could be a mental state we put ourselves into we hide a part of our true selves. Regardless of what mask you choose to wear there’s a belief it’s a necessary part of life to do what we really want to do.

Ummm ….

What if …

There were times in the past I chose to wear such masks. I believed it was the right thing to be doing if I wanted to get ahead in my career. I would use the masks to hide what was really true as I was worried about how others would perceive me. What I know is when I choose to put on a mask of any kind I don’t have the freedom the caller believes will exist.

When I chose to wear a mask I spent an incredible amount of energy trying to keep it in place. It’s far more difficult to try and be something you’re not, compared to letting go and living fully present with who you really are. The real problem starts when the energy you’re putting into protecting yourself spills over and starts to unintentionally hide other things. After a while of doing this the stories you’re telling yourself start to become your reality. Worst yet before long lots of what is wonderful and beautiful in you is being hidden from the world.

From experience I know there is a lot of energy and power I gain from putting down my masks. It allows me to unleash all that is me and share it with the world. This is when I feel present with my most powerful self.

So back to the stupid things …

In the case of the caller to the radio show I would respond by saying “What will it serve to put on a mask? I’d invite you to take a look in the mirror and examine what you’re creating, choosing and attracting in your life. Is it something you see as allowing you to bring forward your best self?” If you find yourself saying “no this isn’t my best self” … what is it saying to you?

This post started with a story of some guys doing something stupid who probably had too much to drink at a sporting event. I see the same thing happening in business, community groups, families and more!

Are you being your best self?

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