What if I told you I think I’m having a crisis? This crisis is significant enough to transform my life. The good news is I think this is just my version of a mid-life crisis. It doesn’t involve buying a red sports car. It does involve a hot girl … who I’ve been married to for 27 years!

This crisis is causing me to re-examine my contribution to this world. Am I doing the thing I was put here for? What will light me up for all the days I have remaining on this planet? What do I want people to say about the foot prints I leave behind once I’m gone?

This past week-end I came to understand these things a little better for myself. I invited a group of coaches into my home to spend a couple days working with each other. Our theme to guide us for the week-end was “Setting the human heart on fire — How are we better together?” I didn’t know what to expect, other than I would likely be surprised by whatever showed up.

In the two days we covered a lot of ground. We tabled topics important to each of us, and followed our hearts as we explored each of them. What I expected and walked away with is a long reading list , and lots of thoughts & ideas to explore more deeply. This is very typical for me at such events. What I didn’t expect though is deeper clarity about how I want my foot prints to be found in this world, and equally important where I have no interest in walking.

Everyone is gone now and I find myself sitting alone in my back yard this morning reflecting on the experience. It’s warm. The sky is a beautiful shade of blue and absent of any clouds. The trees have shed most of their leaves for the winter and a number of birds are moving around just outside my back fence. It truly is a beautiful and expansive spot I find myself in right now.


As I reflect on the experience of the past few days I keep coming back to the word abundance. Abundance is a mindset in which I feel expansive. In this mindset moving forward just seems so natural and comes without much thought. This feeling is how I know I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing on this planet.

We came together this past week-end to answer a question about how we’re better together. When we crafted the theme for the week-end I had expectations we would focus more on how we can better serve our clients. I thought we might share tips, tricks, new knowledge and so much more. Although this did happen the real gems were found much deeper.

For me this event was just meant to happen right now. I see myself as being at a turning point in my career and it would be too easy to retreat to a comfortable space. Stepping into something bigger can be damn uncomfortable. However … I know what I want and I’m ready to get rid of those things holding me back from walking in that direction!

It’s my belief we lived up to our theme this last week-end. My heart is burning with a passion for serving others through this gift I’ve been given at this time in my life. There is no question I am better because of being together with the others the past few days. It is also true I am better because of everyone who touches my life.

So let me answer the question I asked at the start of this post. I know what I want people to say about my foot prints after I’m no longer in this life. I don’t want people to see regret, scarcity or me trying to conform with what others think I should be doing. I want them to see I walked with an abundance touching everyone’s heart. This means living my life, being fully present and sharing myself with as many people as possible.

What footprints do you want to leave?





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