The power in asking permission

One of the most valuable skills I’ve learned is to ask permission before giving help or advice. Asking permission ensures the responsibility for whatever they’re trying to do stays with the other person. But, more importantly, asking permission means they still have...

The work just keeps coming

There are nearly 100 things on my backlog of ideas I want to do something with. For all I know, something in that list will take me and my business to the next level. When I get fixated on such thinking, I’ll start thinking about how I can knock an increasing number...

How are you using your positional power?

How are you using your positional power?

I once quit a job that I really cared about. The reason? My boss used his positional power in ways that created many problems for the team. For example, one day, he phoned me while I was travelling home from a client site. He told me about a change that was happening...

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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