I’m a fan of Steve Harvey. I love his authenticity, sense of humility and his ability to connect with people. Sure he’s paid to do that, but I know lots who are and don’t do it. If you don’t know Steve he’s the host of the game show Family Feud.  He also does other gigs, and you may remember him for his mistake on the Miss Universe show (which I swear I didn’t watch … I only saw the clips later! 😉

When I came across this video of Steve I discovered a part of him I didn’t know existed. My respect for Steve has only deeped. Start by watching the video (it’s only 2 mins long):

Using Steve’s analogy here’s what I can see about myself. For a very long time, I stood at the edge of the cliff of life watching others soar by with their parachutes. I wanted more than anything to have what they have and be out there soaring with the eagles. There was some fairly consuming emotions present like scarcity and jealousy.

So I would take action. I would go buy my own parachute and come back to the edge again wanting to be out there with them. When I looked my parachute wasn’t open though. So I’d go and repack my parachute thinking this would make it work properly. I’d find myself standing back at the edge wanting to be out there soaring with them. And again the parachute wasn’t open so I’d never go. The cycle would go on and on like this.

If you do not jump …

What I can see clearly now is summed up beautifully in the words of Steve. “If you do not jump, I promise you your parachute will not open.”  It’s the one thing I’ve been missing. Always playing it safe, never wanting the bumps, bruises and skinned knees that Steve talks about. My parachute never opened because I would never jump. I didn’t want to take the risk of looking stupid, or failing in business, or looking vulnerable … so there I stood at the edge of the cliff.

What happened more than a year ago is I jumped. I jumped from that cliff of life and I’m putting myself out there. To prove Steve right, I do have some bumps and bruises to show for it. I am choosing to show my bruises to the world and stop hiding them in shame. My parachute is opening and I love what’s emerging. That said I’m sure there’s more bumps and bruises to come.

What am I talking about? I love sharing my story with you in these posts despite knowing how vulnerable I am being at times. I love being with my coaching clients as they transform their lives. I love watching as something is sparked for someone in a class I’m teaching. I love taking the time to make a strangers day just a little brighter with a simple conversation. I love the life I’m choosing to live.

Are you ready

Where are you right now? Are you standing on the edge of the cliff wanting to have what those others are having? Or are you ready to jump, take a risk and show your parachute to the world? You were given that parachute for a reason, isn’t it time to use it? We all have a parachute … it’s called your purpose in life. It’s the very reason you’re meant to be right here, right now at this point in time.


When I start working with a new coaching client, we almost always start by identifying their life purpose. I’m not talking about some external purpose set by parents, schools or jobs. I’m talking about something that comes from the only place your authentic purpose can be found … inside you.

I first identified mine in July of 2014. At the time, it was “I am a hiker looking for happy people in this forest”.  As my transformation has happened over the past couple years I’ve learned an increasing amount of what makes me real. My life purpose statement has evolved, however when I look back it has never changed in intent. My life purpose is now summarized by the statement:

Stand-up … because you’re beautiful.

I’ve come to realize I’m here to help people stand-up for themselves. I’m not talking about standing up against the school yard bully. I’m talking about not accepting anything less than your most complete self, because you’re beautiful just the way you are. Standing up for yourself and not compromising one of your values for the sake of getting ahead in life. Standing up for what is real and true inside of you.

I’m working every day to stand-up for myself. It’s not easy some days, but the reward is wonderful.

Some dare to dream … do you dare to jump for your dreams?

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