Webinar – Practical Conscious Leadership

What does it mean to be a conscious leader? Does being a conscious leader mean you have to meditate every day? Does it mean being calm despite the chaos happening all around you? In this webinar, I will share a very practical way to exercise and strengthen the conscious leader in you.

Webinar – Leadership with IMPACT

You have everything you need to have a big impact. In this webinar, we'll explore a simple approach to amplifying your impact as a leader, starting from where you are today. 

Webinar – A high five to keep you thriving

How do you maintain your creativity, morale, and passion when things are challenging? In this webinar I will share the five spaces needed to keep you thriving.

Webinar – Imperfectionists unite! Letting go of the need to get it right.

I started publishing a daily blog post a little over two years ago. Before that, my posts came out sporadically. The posts were also a lot more work back then. I would spend hours toiling and trying to perfect the wording. So, what was I hoping to accomplish by switching to publishing a daily blog […]

Webinar – Building business and driving sales when you can’t network

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I've been wrestling with how to network without face-to-face events. For me, historically most of my business opportunities were the result of those events. At one point I even wondered if it was possible to be effective at networking virtually (I got over that limiting mindset quickly). While I have […]

Webinar – Leadership Problem Solver

What's on your mind about your leadership? You might have an idea, puzzle, or problem that you're sitting with.  I love connecting with people in coffee shops. Given that's not possible right now, let's have a virtual coffee! It's a time where we'll get to know each other, support each other, and exchange ideas.  We'll […]

Webinar – Letting go of your sh*t!

What would it take for you to let go of all the sh*t that's holding you back? I ask because it's a big question for me these days. It's human nature to hold on tight to the things you're comfortable with. After all, the alternative is to have something that makes you uncomfortable. Who wants […]

Workshop: Flawless Team Building

You can build any team, any time. It’s not rocket science, but it is a skill you can learn. During this interactive workshop you will learn, then practice the step-by-step team leadership process and activities that build a cohesive, high-performance team that will succeed with clear agreements and shared responsibility.

Webinar – Be your own superhero

Some days I find myself feeling discouraged or stuck and unsure where to go next. Sometimes, I even find myself wishing someone would rescue me from my crap. These are the moments I remind myself that I don't need someone to rescue me. I have two super-powers that allow me to look after myself: Resiliency […]

The world has changed … have you?

The world of work has changed. People have come to see what’s important to them. Some have even made significant changes like moving out of the city. There is no going back to how it used to be. Given this, what do you think might happen if you’re rigid in defining the future of work […]

Pop-up Training – Teamwork without the BS!

Have you noticed how everyone is adding buzzwords to their messages in an attempt to stand out. I know they're trying to carve out their niche and sell themselves. But seriously, the only thing they're accomplishing is to create fads, illusions, and hype. Take, for example, everyone is adding the word "Agile" to their 'thing'. […]

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