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This blog is for leaders, coaches and everyone else who find themselves in any form of leadership position. 

Learning about my leadership

Challenge completed. I’ve posted four times this week. I can tell you it has definitely been a challenge and one that was worth the effort. Like any experience in life, I have been thinking about what I am learning about my leadership this week. Have an impact I want...

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Let’s dance

I want to write about leadership. However, one of my biggest struggles with my writing is explaining how I see leadership. Talk about frustrating!! If you read my last post, W.W.A.D., you know my definition of leadership. A leader is someone who takes responsibility...

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I took up a challenge to post four times this week … what was I thinking?   I took this challenge as I felt it would get me back into the groove of posting again. I kind of fell out of the writing habit several months ago. When I stopped writing I decided to give...

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What’s the point?

Do you pay attention to what’s happening in our world? Climate change is scary. The economic environment is horrible. Politics are just screwed up, and despite Trump leading this category, he’s far from the only problem. We, humans, are burning through the earth’s...

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Taking time to notice

There are times in my life that I find myself rushing from one thing to the next. It’s almost as if I’m associating my self-worth with my ability to be busy all the time. Lately, thanks to business being good, I find I’m in that mode of busyness a lot. The problem is,...

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Owning it

Last year I started to write more than ever. Up until that point, I’d typically post something every 2-3 weeks and I was OK with that. Last year I increased the frequency of my writing to twice per week. One a shorter thought each week aimed at anyone who is wanting...

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Nothing to prove

I have spent a lifetime trying to prove something to the world. It's showed itself in so many ways, from seeking attention to doing the things I believed would get me credit, to carefully tracking the hit metrics on my website. These past couple months have shifted...

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Make every breath count

Lately, you may have sensed I have been asking some pretty deep questions about life, myself and the world around me. I never used to dig so deep as it can be an uncomfortable place to look. However, a couple of years ago I started a journey which has me clearly on a...

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