Know your passion

Lately, I’ve thought a lot about passion. I see passion differently than I did even a year ago. What makes one person passionate about something, and another seemingly similar person indifferent. In the working world, why can one passionate person be hired and...

Being the only thing possible

Do you remember the first time you did something really vulnerable as an adult? I remember the first time I got in front of an audience to share my thoughts. It was Agile Vancouver’s, Much Ado about Agile 2009 conference. I was excited as I was being asked to...

I’m insane!

Please let me start by giving you little insight into my career. I have never held a job for more than five years. I have never been fired but was ‘down-sized’ out of a company once which closed it’s doors shortly afterward. I know I’ve always...
Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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